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Why Retain a Lawyer

Having a lawyer on retention is similar to have insurance.  You hope you never have to use it but if you do, you’re glad you have it.  A lawyer has the experience and training that the lay man does not.  It may seem tempting to “do-it-yourself” but that can sometimes be a mistake.  Retaining a lawyer is the medium between depending on your lawyer for everything and doing it all yourself.

Retaining a lawyer can be as little as $500 to as much as $5000.  You prepay your money before you need the lawyer.  In this way if there is an issue, you have a person you can trust you can turn too.  Find your lawyer in advance, before you need them.  In this way you can shop around for the lawyer that best fits your needs versus taking the first one that has an open slot or just meets your financial needs.  This also grants you a chance to find someone that you “click” with and trust. 

Once you have your lawyer, you can draw up your own papers and have the lawyer review them.  This saves both you and the lawyer time and money.  You “draw up” the papers they normally would have done and the lawyer can review them quickly and fix any errors.  File copies of all your legal documents with your lawyer.  This grants you ready made backup to anything you do and allows your lawyer to quickly and easily pull up legal documents you need when you need their assistance.

Another plus of a lawyer on retention is the power of the “call.”  If you encounter an issue that requires your lawyer, you have pre-paid them.  Sometimes a simple phone call is all you need to resolve an issue and your lawyer can place that “legal” call that makes people decide the fight is not worth your time.

I am not a lawyer.  If you have any doubts on anything, always seek the input of a lawyer.